Tidy even away from the dressage arena

Tidiness doesn't just start at the test, but in the stable: not every rider likes to tidy up, but it is simply part of everyday life with horses. Not only because tidiness in the riding stable looks appealing to one or the other, but also so that everyone involved can find the right equipment in no time at all. Furthermore, disorder in connection with animals can always be a danger - but it doesn't have to be. Here we have compiled the best tips and tricks for you on the subject of "tidiness in the riding stable", because well-kept riding equipment is not a matter of luck.

Tidiness: an extremely practical habit

In a privately used riding stable, tidiness is of course not necessarily an issue - except with yourself. But when it comes to a divided tack room, it quickly becomes clear that different tidiness needs collide here. And so that everyone can find what they are looking for, it is important to keep the tack room tidy. This way, you not only have everything at hand, but the riding accessories also last much longer. However, with the large quantities of different riding utensils, it is not always easy to keep track of everything and to create an order that suits everyone.

Keyword functionality - riding accessories should function above all. And so that it does, it should be stored as gently as possible. So if you have a shared tack room, it helps to agree on clear rules for tidiness and to sort the different riding equipment according to themes. Ideally, there should be different areas that are all protected from moisture and dirt, but at the same time optimally lit.

Storing grooming equipment properly: Ready to go at a moment's notice

Especially for grooming your horses, you need a lot of smaller items that like to hide in confusing corners. It is therefore practical to store all the equipment for cleaning, from hair to hooves, in one bag. This way, the riding accessories are not only protected, but also stored within easy reach, so that you can start cleaning immediately after arriving at the riding stable. It's also ideal for taking the collected equipment directly to the next show.

Appropriate holders are available for saddles, bridles, crops, blankets and the like. If you choose the right manufacturer, the concept is well thought out so that not only functionality plays a role but also long-term protection. After all, saddles, snaffles, whips, blankets and the like must have sufficient air circulation and yet not be exposed to too much humidity.

The other half of tidiness: cleanliness

Keeping the tack room tidy is one thing. Keeping the tack room and the equipment stored in it clean is another. To ensure that your riding equipment lasts as long as possible, it is imperative that you use high-quality accessories from renowned manufacturers. Once this part has been fulfilled, the next step is to care for these accessories properly. And ideal storage also includes cleaning the riding equipment gently and properly so that it lasts as long as possible. Of course, we are talking here about the commodities of a riding stable and not the tools of a heart surgeon - perfection is certainly out of place here and should be replaced by the fun of caring for things.

Order from A to Z

Here's what to keep in mind when storing riding accessories:

- How regularly do you use the items? Items that you use frequently should be stored right at the front - vice versa, of course: items that you use less frequently can be stored further back or on top.

- Who owns what? A box system in combination with different colours and clear labelling makes it easier for you to keep track and not mix up your equipment.

- Who cleans up? Meet regularly to create order together!

- What do you really need? Hand on heart - most horse owners have considerably more riding equipment than is really necessary. This also makes it difficult to keep things tidy. So when tidying up, also concentrate on which things you no longer need!

Good luck with keeping things tidy!