STABEAU® RIBBON 10 Bandage Winder

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The RIBBON 10 is a high-quality, shapely and practical helper in the stable: Within 10 seconds you can rewind bandages and thus have more time and order in the stable and tack room. The bandage winder, developed by renowned designers, is made of high-quality anodised aluminium combined with stainless steel and consists of a base body with a winding fork and a movable tension lever. It is powered by USB rechargeable lithium batteries - making it a practical and beautiful companion not only in your own stable, but also on the road.

  •    Rolls up bandages within seconds
  •    Switch on via touch function                 
  •    Switches off automatically after 5 minutes of non-use
  •    Charging of the battery via standard Micro USB power supply unit
  •    LED function display
  •    Safety functions obstacle and blocking protection
  •    Winding width for all bandages up to 140mm
  •    Bracket and mounting material for wall mounting included
  •    Maintenance-free with 5-year warranty
  •    Dimensions ↔ W: 260mm, ↕ H: 160mm, D: 150mm
  •    Type of device: Automatic drum winder
  •    Operating voltage: 5V-USB
  •    Battery: Li-Ion battery 2x18650
  •    Torque in Nm / Max: 0.4
  •    Speed in rpm: 120
  •    Connection: Micro USB
  •    Protection class: IP 20
  •    Application area: Indoor
  •    Housing: V2A+AL/E6EV1+UV-stabilised ABS