Bandaging horses - a controversial topic

The beauty of walk, trot and canter in its variations is fascinating. A movement as if in flow, a composition of power and elegance - for which it is especially important that the sensitive horse legs are not only healthy but also protected. In addition to caring for the legs away from the dressage arena, it therefore makes sense to use bandages to protect against impact and kick injuries and to support the tendons and ligaments.

Bandaging horses - a controversial topic

As with many topics, bandaging is a controversial issue - however, many riders appreciate the undisputed benefits of bandaging: the warmth. It ensures better blood circulation and supply to the legs, which clearly outweighs the slight increase in the tendons' susceptibility to injury.

Using bandages correctly

To get the maximum benefits from bandaging, it is important to apply the bandages correctly to the horse's leg - and to use them for the right purpose.

Impact protection: Impact protection is about protecting the horse's leg against damage caused by objects and other external influences. Especially when riding out, branches, stones and other objects can be dangerous; when dressage riding, it is the horse's own hooves. To protect the animal from its own strength, bandages provide the necessary cushion.

Tendon protection: Bandages also give the horse's leg more stability, which provides stability when riding, because ligaments and tendons are supported and thus the horse's surefootedness is strengthened.

In case of illness: In addition to prophylaxis, bandages in combination with compression, warmth or cold can promote the healing process of horse legs that have already been affected. Therapy bandages are used here to relieve muscle tension, inflammation, bruises, swelling, tendon or ligament pain, lymph drainage disorders and fetlock joint injuries.

Protect more beautifully

But bandages don't just have health benefits. Bandages are also stylistic devices: they complete the overall look of rider and horse and can thus add that special finishing touch to any freestyle.

In summary: Bandages help horses to move naturally and protected - and thus not only give the horse more security, the rider will also benefit from this gained self-confidence.