A good basis: The perfect grooming stall

The perfect grooming place is extremely important, because here the basis for a nice ride or a good tournament is laid. And not only for yourself, but also for your horse. But what actually makes the perfect grooming place for the horse?

Grooming a horse in the right environment

The ideal grooming place for the horse offers comfort for all involved. And if your horse feels completely comfortable while being groomed, it will enjoy this intensive time and remain relaxed. It's an ideal opportunity to strengthen your bond with your horse and work on the relationship between rider and horse: In addition to the cleanliness factor, grooming namely also offers the opportunity to strengthen trust through soothing massages and caresses. Especially through friendly handling and the right utensils, the grooming area quickly becomes a "feel-good place".

In order for your horse - and you - to feel comfortable in the grooming area, it first needs to be tidy and safe. Horses may see a harmless box, a wheelbarrow or a door that pulls slightly in the wind as a danger. So to make grooming a fun experience for both of them, it's important to eliminate possible sources of danger or disturbance so that concentration can return to the real purpose of this time. Take a deliberate look around the grooming area from your horse's point of view:

- Which objects seem disruptive?

- Which objects could become a danger?

- Does your horse have a good view of his surroundings?

- What are the temperature and light conditions like?

- Which people and animals regularly approach the grooming area?

Once these questions are answered, the next important question is: What kind of equipment is part of a good grooming area?

Setting up the grooming area

In order to provide your horse with the optimal basis for a relaxed ride, it makes sense to invest in high-quality equipment. After all, one or the other gadget makes it much easier to respond directly and without much effort to the needs of the horse.

First of all, the grooming area should be covered and equipped with a power connection. Then wind and weather can not harm your horse even in the rain and low temperatures. Because with a power connection, the grooming area can be equipped with a small solarium in no time - some horses enjoy standing in cozy warmth while grooming and warming up for the upcoming exertion. But a water connection is also more than practical: soothing cleanings with warm water can be realized very quickly.

And for all riders who do not want to do without bandaging, there is also helpful equipment. The space- and time-saving bandage winder from Stabeau only needs a full battery - and the time spent bandaging can be reduced to a minimum. Ideally, this also benefits the horse, which does not have to wait long for its perfectly padded legs.

Smaller equipment such as brushes, sponges and co. are best stored in a grooming case or bag, so that the necessary utensils are always at hand and no nervousness arises during longer breaks. By the way: The one or other snack should of course also be stored nearby.

The perfect grooming station - tailored to individual needs

Every horse and every rider has very individual needs when it comes to the perfect grooming place. However, especially in the case of grooming areas that are shared by several riders, all riders should be able to easily find their way around and feel comfortable. The ideal situation is when it is neat and clean. The "add ons", such as the bandage winder from Stabeau or a solarium, can be easily integrated into the existing structures, but offer enormous advantages in everyday life with their hooved friends.