STABEAU® at Horses & Dreams 2022

Hagen a.T.W. - At Hof Kasselmann in Hagen am Teutoburger Wald, work is already in full swing in preparation for Horses & Dreams meets Canada, which will take place from April 20 - 24. There are only a few weeks left until this exciting event and the team of Horses and Dreams Entertainment GmbH has taken advantage of the nice weather of the last weeks to already set up some event infrastructure. At a first welcome press conference, media representatives and equestrian personalities were able to get a first impression of this year's event and taste a culinary "Taste of Canada".

"We want to continue to present Horses & Dreams as an event and inspire visitors not only with the top sport, horses and riders, but also with the exhibition, the atmosphere and the whole Canadian flair, starting with the opening ceremony and ecumenical church service to many other activities. Some things are still in the planning stage, but the spectators will certainly go home excited and come back the next day," Ulli Kasselmann assures.

Stars of today and tomorrow

The best dressage and show jumping riders in the world will also be returning. In addition to the German squad riders, the first lists of participants include the top guard from Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and many other nations. However, equestrian fans should also take a look at the list of horses: here you will see some names that could play a major role in the medal ceremony at the Olympic Games in Paris. The special thing about Horses & Dreams, however, is not only the star-studded line-up on the show grounds, but also the proximity to the spectators. Equestrian sport at your fingertips - here everything is deliberately shown and explained transparently, visitors should feel integrated.

Some of the most important chapters of equestrian sport have already been written on the Borgberg. Olympic squad member Frederic Wandres, highly motivated from a winning season in Wellington, USA, wants to add his own story. With his top horse, Duke of Britain FRH and the new star in the stable, Bluetooth OLD, he plans to really attack again at his "home show." This is also the intention of World Champion Simone Blum (Zolling). She has just competed in Gorla Minore in Italy, and in Hagen a.T.W. she has planned a start in the final of the BEMER Riders Tour: "I am happy that with Diachacco I have a horse that I can also ride in more difficult jumping competitions. In Italy, I also rode a 4-star test for that reason, to prepare him for Hagen."

The sporting importance and the special charm of Horses & Dreams were also clearly expressed in the words of national trainer Otto Becker. "We have various goals this year, including two Nations Cup series, but the main goal is of course the World Championships in Herning. The course will be set here. We have a super starting field, from experienced riders and squad members to young riders. All the riders from the World Cup Final in Leipzig will be there. There it is very important for us as trainers to get a picture and for the athletes to present themselves to be nominated then."

Online ticket sales began this week and have already received a great response from equestrian fans. Organizers are currently working with a 60 percent occupancy of the event site, which is 14,000 visitors at the same time on the spacious facility, under 2G rules.


Sport, lifestyle, adrenaline, passion, team spirit and great excitement. Horses & Dreams meets Canada (April 20 - 24, 2022) at Hof Kasselmann in Hagen a.T.W. promises to be a spectacular event.

Tickets are now available here. More info is available on our website, or social media.